Your Ultimate Guide to the ULTIM8GEAR


Why choose ULTIM8? It’s fairly simple really.

ULTIM8GEAR products are designed to look great and perform exceptionally well in all environments. The ULTIM8 Comparison looks are a range of areas in which ULTIM8GEAR provides a solution to a problem or shortfall in traditional building and decorative products.

The ULTIM8 Comparison

ULTIM8DECK Scratches repaired

Gouging & Scratches Easily Repaired

Just like a natural timber deck, gouges and scratches can easily be sanded out, returning the deck back to its natural look & feel.

ULTIM8DECK Cuts Drill Shapes Routers like timber

Fixing & Installation

ULTIM8DECK can easily be installed using regular timber deck screws just like a hardwood timber deck without the need for any special clips or screws.

ULTIM8 end cut

Super-Dense Homogenous Core

No protective PVC skin or end caps required, surface renewable by sanding like timber, and resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, and decay

100% FSC-Certified (optional)

ULTIM8DECK available with 100% FSC-Certified wood, a sustainable natural resource. ULTIM8GEAR uses 100% FSC-Certified Wood.


The ULTIM8DECK comes with a 25 Year Limited Warranty.

Weathered Grey

Natural Look & Feel

ULTIM8GEAR does not look or feel like imitation wood plastic or PVC but has a natural look and feel of hardwood timber.

ULTIM8DECK Beach deck

Color Fade Resistant

ULTIM8GEAR is designed to have a slight natural fade to mimic the natural look & feel of timber. It will maintain its natural color over the life of the deck.

ULTIM8GEAR - Panels and Screen

Termite & Insect Resistant

The ULTIM8DECK has a super dense core and is therefore resistant to termite and insects attack.

Wet Areas & Moisture

ULTIM8GEAR is ideal for wet areas or high moisture areas and will not be affected if temporarily submerged from time to time.

ULTIM8EDGE Bender Board in-site

Mold Resistant

ULTIM8GEAR is resistant to mold & mildew. Mold & mildew will not form if its core is exposed to moisure or becomes submerged.

Stains & Spills

The ULTIM8DECK will resist most regular stains and spills such as mustard, ketchup, oil, fat, red wine, soft drinks and food spills.

Testing & Certification

ULTIM8DECK is been tested and certified by Monash University and leading authorities to comply with the relevant standards, codes and laws.




Care and Maintenance


Technical Data