What do you mean by ‘Low Maintenance’?

What do you mean by ‘Low Maintenance’?

The marketing people have taken over the world! Unless your latest product is maintenance-free, worry-free, stress-free, care-free, and fat-free, chances are it won’t be heard over the barrage of marketing buzz and hype we are constantly bombarded with.

But what if all people really need and want is a simple statement of the facts, such as ‘this is what XYZ Product will do, this is what it WON’T do, and this is what you need to know before buying’. Consumers are increasingly well educated prior to making purchases these days, particularly if it is a major one. Consumers themselves are the only people who can make the decision that is right for them, and to do this they need to be presented with the simple facts. At MCX Materials, we try to do just that.

We refer to ULTIM8 deck as being ‘low maintenance’, and it is important for us to be clear and explain why we say this. ULTIM8 deck is low maintenance compared with equivalent timber decks, because it:

  • Won’t check, crack, warp, or splinter
  • Doesn’t require painting, sealing, or staining
  • Doesn’t require any resealing
  • Is termite resistant
  • Is resistant to mould, fungus, and rot
  • Is moisture resistant

ULTIM8 deck is low maintenance compared with some composite decks, because:

  • Some surface scratching can be repaired by sanding (rather than replacement)
  • ULTIM8 deck has superior strength and durability, backed by a 20 Year Limited Warranty

If you want a maintenance-free outdoor flooring solution, or a deck that never requires cleaning, then we don’t recommend you buy ULTIM8 deck! ULTIM8 deck, as with most outdoor surfaces, will require some care and cleaning from time to time.

However, if you want a deck that is low maintenance when compared with traditional timber decking, then ULTIM8 may be the right deck for you!

See our Care & Maintenance Guide for more information on cleaning ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Deck.