The hidden cost of timber decking

The hidden cost of timber decking

When it comes to building a deck, you need to look past the immediate outlay of buying, installing and sealing the deck. Any deck you buy will have some level of time and cost involved with the regular, on-going maintenance and cleaning costs.

With timber decking, any sealer that is applied after installation has a limited effective lifespan. To maximise the life of the timber deck, it will need resealing a minimum of once per year, even twice per year in damp & humid, or hot & dry conditions. This can cost hundreds of dollars each time, when considering your time, and purchase of equipment and materials.

The ‘alternative maintenance plan’, which a suprising number of people choose to adopt, is to only reseal their timber deck every few years, or to wait until the timber is grey, dry, and cracking! This can dramatically reduce the life of the deck, leading to splitting, cracking, rotting through moisture penetration, and ultimately to premature replacement of the deck.

When using timber, you need to remember that regular maintenance IS required to protect the decking from the elements, to get the most from your investment.

The low-maintenance alternative is ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking, as it requires no painting, sealing, or staining EVER! The time and money saved over the life of the deck can be significant, and can even pay for the cost of the deck!

If you want to save time and money every year for the life of your deck, consider using ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking.

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