Why ULTIM8 Decking is Right for Your Home

Why ULTIM8 Decking is Right for Your Home

ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite range 5Have you considered?
What makes a deck truly family-friendly? Certainly not the amount of hours spent maintaining it, the number of splinters, or all of the trips over the warped plank that’s been on the ‘honey-do’ list for the last two years?

Maybe it’s time to reconsider your deck, and to rethink traditional wood. There’s an option rising in popularity and now is the time to explore it: ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking. The low-maintenance decking solution is safer and more durable than pressure-treated wood and frees up time previously spent sanding, sealing and painting traditional wood decks.

The ULTIM8 Solution
ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking offers more than high quality engineered decking. It gives homeowners the ability to infuse their personality and style into their outdoor space, using the range of colours availble. ULTIM8 Deck gives customers the ability to build outdoor spaces that are a natural extension of their home.

Homeowners planning a new deck or refurbishing an existing one should consider these five reasons to check out ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking to create their own backyard oasis:

  1. Low Maintenance – Aside from occasional and seasonal cleanings, an ULTIM8 Deck requires very little upkeep. Sanding, staining and sealing are chores of the past. Family time shouldn’t be spent working on the deck; it should be spent enjoying it.
  2. Safety – Splinters, warped boards and popped nails are common problems with traditional wooden decks. ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking eliminates these issues. Leave your shoes behind in confidence because ULTIM8 Deck also provides excellent slip resistance.
  3. Durability – Those who have traditional wood decks know that the luster of that once beautiful wood deck disappears quickly. The fading, warping and splintering can begin after just a couple of years in the elements. ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking delays that weathering process, and as such ULTIM8 Deck is backed by a 20 Year Limited Warranty.
  4. Design Flexibility – The ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite range provides a variety of design options and rich colour choices appealing to the most discerning homeowners.
  5. Increased Home Value – Today’s tough economy is no reason to neglect improving the value of your home. Whether building a deck to help sell a home, or create an economical and unique living area, most homeowners see a significant return on investment by building a beautiful deck. Increase that return by using high quality materials like ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking

While traditional wood may still be your choice, ULTIM8 Bamboo Composite Decking decking provides more peace of mind and the ability to spend quality time with something other than a hammer and paint brush – your family.

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